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DeanSalman 11-18-2010 03:31 PM

Focus is the key
When is comes to sharp images, focusing is a critical part of it. Those that want to enter the world of CCD imaging with the high speed of the Hyperstar need to consider focusing a key player in imaging. I have a Feather Touch focuser and I thought my focus was very good, however sometimes is not quite there and more time was spent trying to get it perfect. When I added the MircoTouch option and used FocusMax, I entered a new world of sharp crisp stars, better than what I though was a good focus before. In only about 15 seconds, the focus process is completed. So now on every slew with the telescope (since the mirror can shift a bit) or over a certain period of time, I refocus.

With a fast optical system, the critical focus window is very small, barely the turn on the FeatherTouch fine focus. Using the MircoTouch, the focus adjustments are so small, that a human eye would barely see it move. Happy imaging

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