HyperStar Models

There are five models of HyperStar lenses to fit five different telescopes:

HyperStar works with both regular and EdgeHD telescopes. There is a mechanical difference between regular and EdgeHD versions of the 8", 11" and 14" HyperStar lenses, so there are different HyperStar models for each type of scope.

Compatible Telescopes

All Fastar-compatible Celestron SCTs are ready for HyperStar use. Non-Fastar SCTs will not have a removeable secondary mirror. Starizona sells conversion kits (see diagram below) to replace the fixed secondary mirror with a removeable housing allowing the HyperStar lens to be easily exchanged with the mirror for imaging. Conversion kits are available for 8", 11" and 14" SCTs. Note that older non-Fastar-compatible 9.25" telescopes cannot be converted. All 6" SCTs are already compatible.

Above: HyperStar conversion kit replaces the housing for the secondary mirror with a removeable assembly to easily switch between HyperStar and f/10 configurations

Above: Compatible and non-compatible Celestron secondary mirrors